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Sink or shower drain clogged?  Toilet running? Water dripping from faucets?  Shut off valves not shutting off?  Hot water heater now not so hot? 

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If it’s running water and shouldn’t be or not running water when it should – we’ve got the skills, experience, and the tools to restore the flow!


We are drain specialists.  Whether clogged or leaking – we are your drain guys!


Toilets can be a non-stop headache for the home owner.  Clogged, leaking, running constantly, wobbly – whatever the problem – we can take care of it.


Clogged sinks, garbage disposals, drips, and more – Mark has got you covered.

Bath & Shower

Clogged drains, leaky drains, drips, shower pans, what have you – we’ll quickly get your problem resolved.

"Mark showed up on time and did a great job with our backed up shower drain."

– Ron F.

"Mark never fails to save the day when we call him. We love Mark and what he does for us!"

– Regina W.

"In a time when nobody seems to do what they say, Mark is the rare exception. Always there for us when we need him!"

– Angela C.

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Mark’s Faucets, Toilets, Drains & More


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